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These are several different ways in which you can support the FFII. Most of the time, you fall into more than one category. If you find that you do fit into one or more of these categories, you should probably contact us

You should also probably consider becoming an association member or supporter.

Ways of helping our goals

Structural support

Structural supporters are the «web» of the FFII. For some meetings it's necessary to bring speakers from other parts of the country or even from other countries. If we need to put them into hotels, it gets expensive and undesirable. Thus, we need people who live close to the meetings and can provide accomodation and/or transport to the speakers.

So if you have some space at home where one could put a matress or if you have a car that could take one or two people from one village to the other, you can join FFII and provide structural support.


Another way to support FFII is to maintain constant communication with your local representatives in the different councils and parliaments. This doesn't even have to take up a lot of time, it's already quite ok if you meet or call them or write a letter or even an email about current issues that are relevant to the campaign.

Of course, before you write to your representatives, you should make sure your argumentation is ok, and the representative will care. The FFII is perfectly happy to help you with that.

Sponsoring and people finding sponsors

Lobbying takes some money, just like everything else. However, the main benefitors of our campaign will be small and medium-sized enterprises. Thus, you should think of FFII lobbying as a service we do for you. You donate money to the FFII, while we defend your rights and interests. This way you can ensure that your voice is being heard and handled by experienced lobbyists.

Corporate support

In some special cases it has come in very useful when companies sent a representative to tell the authorities about your needs in a specific matter, as happened e.g. with the economic majority against software patents. In any case it is crucial that your representative is briefed by the FFII.

Scientific analysis

The best way to convince a parliamentarian of our goals, apart from monetary and employment reasons, is probably to have a convincing technical argumentation to follow, which is almost as good as a study. If we can prove that scientific or statistical analysis is on our side, we get a lot more representatives joining this opinion.

So if you can write a technically valid statement about current decision, you're probably able to help us a lot.


FFII is a lobbying group, and all the circumstances won't ever change that. As such, we can also use some lobbyists to do the actual work. You don't need to be a professional lobbyist. If you ever notice that you like to talk to people and find convincing arguments, you're probably not badly situated for the job.

As a lobbyist, you will probably get to know a lot of politically important people. However, you should also be aware that his is probably the task where you need to maintain most communication with the other FFII lobbyists in order to make a perfectly coordinated campaign rather than a contradictory mess.

Anyway, lots of people discovered only very late that they're good lobbyists. Why shouldn't it be your destiny too?

Found a match in the list?

If so, just contact us and let us know you're willing to contribute!