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No Linux support for the EU Council?

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Supporting Linux is not illegal

In their frequently asked questions about the streaming service, the Council of the European Union (CEC) claims that «We cannot support Linux in a legal way.» Thus, the Council claims, their stream cannot be listened to under Linux.

It is indeed a big question how the CEC actually got the idea that this would be illegal. Technically, Linux is just another operating system, and it supports most if not all of the streaming format that a recent Windows or Mac system does, both of which are supported.

Also, there aren't any known legal implications of making CEC streams available to users of Open Source operating systems as well. Thus, the FFII asked the Council to clarify their claim that Linux cannot be supported legally.

CEC claim illegal?

On the contrary, it seems safe to assume that the exclusion of Linux users that the CEC is currently attempting can be considered a discrimination against people who aren't customers of two rather large companies (Microsoft Corp. and Apple Inc.). This is however in direct contradiction to one of the main parts of the attempted EU constitution as well as the EU contracts, which serve as a constitution until it has been passed.