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December 1st, 2007

Please note that this transscript is inofficial and thus not authoritative.

Opening of the meeting

Antonis Christofides opened the meeting and welcomed 23 attending members to the General Assembly of 2007.

Election of GA-chairman, secretary and 2 controllers

Pieter Hintjens selected Antonis Christofides to chair the meeting. Secretary was David Vuorio, controllers were Stephan Uhlmann and Benjamin Henrion.

Setting of the agenda

After some confusion, it was decided to leave the agenda as it was, without any changes to the order and subject. Three proposals to minor modifications have been made but voted down.

Board activity report for 2007

Pieter Hintjens talked about the board activities of the FFII during the year, and Laura Creighton demanded a written report of the board activities. This report is not available yet at this precise point in time.

Financial report for 2007

Hartmut Pilch presented a short overview about the finances in 2007, which had almost doubled in comparison to 2006. He also talked about the confusion which had been created by the temporary employment of a book keeper, which has not been fully resolved yet.

Report of the financial controllers

The financial controllers noted that not all documents about the financial situation had been available yet due to this confusion, and proposed not to exonerate the board yet due to the lacking documentation.

Exoneration of the board

The GA voted not to exonerate the board, which was accepted.

Georg Jakob about FFII structures

Georg Jakob thinks that FFII's structures are basically alright but the web sites are a mess and should be reworked with regard to being able to find something and usability.



The candidates for presidency were first allowed to say a couple of words about their candidacy.

  1. Pieter Hintjens said that he did not want to be president again unless necessary.
  2. Benjamin Henrion talked about how he would improve the structures of FFII to make it easier to contribute.

The vote was on between Pieter Hintjens, Benjamin Henrion and abstention, and the vast majority of people decided for Pieter Hintjens.

Election of a new vice president

Ivan Villanueva was proposed as vice president for the FFII and was accepted with a clear majority.

Election of reserve board members

This year, reserve board members were elected for the first time. In case a board member steps out, the reserve board members would take the position in order to maintain the capability of the board to act. Rene Mages, Jan Macek and some third person were elected as reserve board members.

Election of financial controller

For the financial work of FFII, two controllers were needed. However, four people offered to do the job: Koen Martens, Roland Orre and his wife and Benjamin Henrion.

Benjamin Henrion withdrew his candidacy and the other three proposed candidates were accepted.

Election of election commissioner

Public pressure forced Antonis Christofides to take the job of the election commissioner.

Further discussion

The only question raised whether a written board activity report was desired. The assembly voted to ask the board to produce one within 30 days.