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June 1st, 2006

On June 1st, 2006, the Nodus summit was founded as an attempt to overcome the separative mentality of the swiss OSS lobbying groups. Nodus was supposed to be an organization independent platform of activists who collaborate on topics of IT policy making and coordinate their actions as stake holders.

The foundational members of Nodus were:

Structure of the Nodus summit

The Nodus Summit is a monthly meeting of swiss OSS lobbyists in the Dock 18 in Zurich Binz. At every meeting, there is a certain topic which will be talked about, such as, for example, the copyright revision.

However, every of these presentations is supposed to include a call for a feasible action (further activities or simply a press release). This enables people to act against the problems in a coordinated campaign.

The discussions are usually rounded up with a feedback round, which serves to improve the actions taken and to get to the most effective campaigning that's possible with the limited resources.

Information policy

An announcement mailing list for Nodus meetings is run by There is, however, no discussion list, because discussions are supposed to take place at the Nodus meetings.

A blog will be created in order to publish information raised at Nodus summits. The information shall be edited in a way that allows the press to simply pick it up.

Further summits

On Thursday, July 20th, Tonnerre Lombard will give a lecture about the copyright revision.

At a later point in time, Tonnerre will also make a practical lobbying workshop.

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